Download and install JDownloader from : 


JDownloader Install

Just to be sure, make an update :

JDownloader Update

Activate "JD Remote Control"

Settings / Plugins & Add-ons : check "JD Remote Control"

JDownloader Remote

By default port is 10025 : Settings / Plugins & Add-ons / Extensions / JD Remote Control
You can keep it.

JDownloader Port

You can already check that your installation is correct by connecting on http://localhost:10025/ on your favorite navigator.

JDownloader Check localhost

Update to Nightly build :


(This part is optional but offer more functionalities)

Check that JDownloader is reachable

Be sure your ip is public and port open !
This part depends of your network configuration and if you are using Wifi or GSM.
Here are some tools that can help you :

Check as previous step (but with your ip) that you can access to JDownloader from your navigator.

JDownloader Check Ip

Well Done

You can now download JDownloaderRC on your android device and read the configuration tutorial if needed

Free Version :
Android app on Google Play

Pro Version :

Android app on Google Play

JDownloaderRC Tutorial